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I will sell you a home laundry service business, start your laundry business.

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About This Proposal

 I will sell your a laundry service store. Ready for you to start getting costumers locally.

This is a full functioning laundry business services store. Ready for customers to book your mobile laundry service.

You don't need to pay any charges only for the store   and I will send you login details. The service store will be yours. 

Store comes complete with:

1) A logo. 

2) Added Services (you can add your own and delete services not applicable to your services)

3) SEO Optimization (Once you change the location on the store, people in your local area will be able to find your store when they search for local laundry services)

4) I will give you the SEO company I currently use to run the store. (You can use your own if you prefer)

Benefits of purchasing the Services store.

1)No extra hidden fees

2) no monthly or yearly charges

3) Complete ownership

4) I provide you marketing SEO list I have used and making profits on my other stores.

I own 12 store I currently manage and provide my with a really good income.

5) location can be changed to any country. So if you are moving you can change the location of the store

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