Wyatt Alexa

Wyatt Alexa @ Wyatt4 Member Since: 14 Sep 2022

About Me

I am an enthusiastic server, who is usually employed within the foodservice industry. I create a positive experience for guests in a restaurant by meeting their needs using my knowledge of the menu to make recommendations and answer the questions.

I take an order detailing the customer's requests and inform the back of the house staff of the new order. Then I deliver the plated food to the appropriate customer and see to it that the food was prepared to their satisfaction.


Gringos Burgers


I was incharge of enquiring about the customer's needs and ensuring hat they have a satisfactory dining experience. Other responsibilities included: Provide customers with menus, Take customer orders and relay this to the kitchen, Serve food and beverages to customers, Listen to any complaints that patrons have and address them appropriately & Prepare bills and process payments.



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