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Von Heist @ Vonheist8 Member Since: 12 Sep 2022

About Me

Hi, I'm a website designer who will come up with creative & innovative ideas that will solidify the confidence for your online/internet clients & for you to earn their trust. I carry out services such as; ecommerce website designing, responsive web design, website re-designing & dynamic website design.

Please contact me anytime. It will be a pleasure working with you.


Jack's Web designers

Website designer

I was responsible for designing and building the interface, navigation and aesthetic of websites for businesses and clients. Other tasks and duties included: 1 Designing engaging and responsive landing pages 2. Integrating client CMS programs and data feeds into websites 3. Optimising sites for maximum speed and scalability 4. Employing industry and design best practice through website build process 5. Conducting website testing 6. Liaising with back-end developers to ensure web and app logic is properly integrated



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