Meghan Breezie

Meghan Breezie @ Meghan1 Member Since: 17 Sep 2022

About Me

I am a marketing professional who uses research and analysis to improve a website's ranking on search engines like Google with a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing & 2 years of experience.

I can:

1..Develop optimization strategies that increase the company's search engine results rankings
2. Research SEO keywords to use throughout the company's website and marketing materials
3.Set measurable goals that demonstrate improvement in marketing efforts
4. Monitor daily performance metrics to understand SEO strategy performance
5. Efficiently communicate with other marketing professionals to align goals
6. Collaborate with others within the marketing department to manage SEO strategy
7. Write compelling and high-quality website content, including blog posts and page descriptions
8. Update content and website links for maximum optimization and search engine rankings


Amelia Shoe Company


I used my expert knowledge of search engine algorithms, ranking system, and the latest trends in SEO and SEM to Improve the company's keyword rankings by suggesting modifications to website architecture, content, linking, and other aspects. I was also involved in planning and creating a successful link building strategy to improve their website visibility on search engines.



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