Kenneth Peter

Kenneth Peter @ Kenneth9 Member Since: 07 Sep 2022

About Me

I'm a focused data entry clerk who continuously update company's databases.I have ability to liaise with and follow up with employees within the company as well as with customers to collect information. I am able to capture the data into relevant databases in a timely and accurate manner. I will identify and correct errors, and swiftly bring them to the attention of relevant parties where necessary.

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Rex Cyber

Data Entry Operator

I was incharge of: 1. Compile, sort and organize data to be entered into the databases or electronic files. 2. Input text and data from documents into spreadsheets, databases or electronic files. 3. Input all sensitive data and accounting information into the databases and electronic files. 4.Pay attention to details and input data correctly and accurately. 5.Crosscheck and verify data keyed into the databases for accuracy.



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