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About Me

I'm a chemical engineer with a major in soap making. I can formulate soaps and perhaps other personal cleansing and beauty products according to your own recipes.

I will market your offerings along sales channels that might include ecommerce, farmers markets, arts festivals, wholesale placement in spas and boutiques, and even door-to-door sales. You'll

Also I can explore a range of options to see where you can find a loyal customer base.


Bar Soaps Ltd.

Chemical Engineer

I was constantly innovating to change and improve the way business is done for all Company employees receive the exact same salary. My duties included 1. Making soap 2. Making lip balms 3. Making/bottling sprays and essential oils 4. Handcutting soap 5. Wrapping and boxing up soap, lip balms, and other products 6. Packing and shipping online and wholesale orders 7. Cleaning as needed: sweeping, mopping, washing production dishes, tidying 8. Bookkeeping data entry;



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