Flee Siren

Flee Siren @ Flee2 Member Since: 09 Sep 2022

About Me

I am an experienced photographer who tell stories through images I capture through my cameras & express my personalities and viewpoints through my art.

I typically work in a freelance capacity, and I'm hired for specific jobs by a variety of clients. I'm always responsible for following the client's wishes down to the finest details, as well as for setting up a business model that makes pricing and options clearly visible and accessible.


Whitebone Ltd


I translated brand elements into a visual story using composition, angles, styling, and lighting. By instilling a sense of trust, consumers feel confident in spending their hard-earned money with the company. The goal was to provide a solid impression within seconds, even without meeting in person. I helped generate sales and conversions, by producing high-quality images that showcased the products & services offered.



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