Elizabeth Owens

Elizabeth Owens @ Elizabeth1 Member Since: 16 Sep 2022

About Me

I'm a chef with training and experience to prepare food for groups of people or for a food service establishment.

My responsibilities, duties, and tasks are as shown below:

1. Cook / prepare the provided menu items
2. Sanitize food preparation and serving areas
3. Stir or turn foods to ensure even cooking
4. Cook and season food according to recipes
5. Test foods before servicing in other to determine if they have been sufficiently cooked – methods employed for this purpose involves smelling, tasting, or piercing them with utensils.
6. Prepare, arrange, and serve food to waiters for distribution
7. Give estimate of expected food consumption; requisite or purchase supplies
8. Consult with supervisory staff as regards menu plans
9. Keep records and manage accounts


Fried Chicken

Head chef

I played the role of the supervisor of the whole cooking process, and even to its serving. This entails getting food items ready for other chefs, like chopping of vegetable, getting meats and all ingredients prepared and ready for cooking – these are called the prep cooks; they are always located at the bottom of the kitchen totem pole.



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