Clay Horse

Clay Horse @ Clay1 Member Since: 15 Sep 2022

About Me

I am a person who enjoys working with the public, providing an excellent level of customer service at all time. I partake on a range of roles including:

1. Preparing and serving hot and cold drinks such as coffee, tea, artisan and speciality beverages.
2. Cleaning and sanitising work areas, utensils and equipment
3. Cleaning service and seating areas
4. Describing menu items and suggesting products to customers
5. Servicing customers and taking orders
6. Ordering, receiving and distributing stock supplies
7. Receiving and processing customer payments


Swift Drinks


I was working collaboratively and respectfully with other staff members to create a successful working environment & used my high energy level ability to maintain expected productivity levels and sustain performance throughout the shift. My main tasks were: 1. Greet all customer and present beverage menu. 2. Discuss beverage items, make suggestions and answer any inquiries. 3. Describe current promotions and new products. 4. Take customer orders accurately operate coffee making equipment. 5. Prepare and present beverages according to established recipe and presentation standards. 6. Serve prepared food items such as muffins and bagels.



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