Broadmore Shiwa

Broadmore Shiwa @ Shiwa1 Member Since: 13 Oct 2022

About Me

Hi. I'm a Broadmore a qualified professional digital marketer with a Bachelor's degree in marketing, experience working with a content management system & ability to identify long term trends in data.

I can partake in the following duties:

1. Managing the content that the business posts to social media
2. Developing strategies that drive customers to the website
3. Improving the design, UX, traffic, and content of the website
4. Creating paid campaigns on social media platforms
5. Maintaining consistent brand messaging throughout all platforms
6. Creating email blast campaigns to target key customers
7. Using advanced metrics to measure the success of a marketing campaign
8. Keeping up to date on the latest social media trends


Pro Gas

Digital marketer

I was responsible for the overall digital marketing strategy of the company. I was incharge of running the day-to-day management of projects and ensured that they were completed successfully. I also managed social media campaigns, content calendars, maintained the company's content, among many other tasks.



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