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At Filmzo Crisis PR, we are PR crisis team consisting of:
The CEO or MD, The-house PR person , the senior marketing executive, our skilled and experienced team of copywriters & our legal representative.

Our plan is to meet quarterly to run through scenarios that might happen. This might include the following:

-What would we do if a customer complaint was picked up by the press?
-How would we respond if a serious incident occurred at one of our events?
-What if someone made an offensive statement on Tezlow, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?
-If we were to receive negative feedback on Zolgoo, TripAdvisor, Yelp or Google Review, how would we respond?

We provide PR services to build your business profile or personal profiles.

Our PR Packages include:

Social Media defence
Business services.
Reviews Management.
Multiple fan accounts & profiles across all major social media platforms.

Our services:

Press releases.
Social media releases .
Positive comments on various sites about your business.
Creating multiple YouTube, instagram, snapchat & more fan accounts with video contents.

Our prices: Starts from £99



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