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Getting jobs that pay £100K or more usually requires some post-secondary schooling. But you don't need an advanced degree to earn that much money. You can get skills for the high-paying career you're most interested in through short training programs.

Six Figure Jobs without a Degree




Writer or Editor

 £114,530 or more


Detective or Criminal Investigator

 £128,690 or more


Computer Programmer

 £130,800 or More

Film or Video Editor

 £155,840 or more


Administrative Services Manager

 £153,570 or more

Network Administrator

£124,090 or more

Public Relations Specialist

£110,080 or more

Human Resources Manager

£117,080 or more

Purchasing Manager

£114,130 or more


Market Research Analyst

 £120,460 or more




*How to Manage Projects and People

Managers and senior staff in every industry make more than those just starting out. Project management experience is key to becoming a lead on a design or development team. Being able to manage people is valuable regardless of whether you want a career in design, development, marketing, or some other field.

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*How to Build Trust and a Sense of Responsibility

Trust and reliability are key traits that any successful employee has, Being known as someone who can be relied on works in favor when looking for a promotion or a raise.

One key to developing a reputation of trust is to make sure that you always deliver on the things you promise.

Taking on responsibilities that go above and beyond your job description is another way to create a reputation for being responsible.

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